7 Questions for Paul Conrad Schneider

21 Yeas old style blogger, Paul Conrad Schneider,
from Calgary, AB Canada.

Describe your style.

My style is pretty all over the place
( Ha Ha…) I’d say, that I pull a lot from minimalistic brands like Helmut Lang, The Row etc for inspiration, but also love to pull in some more elaborate pieces that add a new level of trend to my wardrobe. I’d say my style is The Row meets J.W.Anderson in the 70s.

Which type of clothes do you “collect”?
I am a huge lover for luxury, so I like to invest in designer pieces, along with staples that I know I’ll have for seasons. Example: My 3.1 Phillip Lim leather jacket that I wear way too much.
It’s a basic but from a luxury brand that I know I’ll have for years.

Favourite F Brand / Why ?
I have a few different favorites. I’m obsessed with J.W. Anderson // Loewe cause I think Jonathan Anderson is doing an amazing job with both. I love The Row. My Olsen’s can do no wrong. I am also really feelin Balenciaga this season with one of the brothers from Vetements taking over as creative, Balenciaga was finally good again (Sorry Alexander). I’ve also been looking into Lamaire a lot, same with Bibhu Mohapatra. I could go on for days about my favorites, but I’ll quick list a few more as weel: Bottega Vaneta, Ann Demulemeester, walter van beirendonck, Ellery, Iris Van Herpen, Neil Barrett, acne, Au Jour Le Jour and so on haha. The list never ends.

Do you think that the clothes we wear reflect what is inside us ?
I think to a certain extent. i think it’s an amazing tool for self expression and self individuality, but I also find that people will push the envelope just for some kind of recognition. I think it’s something that’s seen more often now where people are dressing in the most unconventional ways to bring in “instagram followers” and “social cred” but I think fashion should be that self expression. A world into your identity, and it’s sad that with social media, we’re losing aspects of that.

What types of clothing are provocative in your country?
Canada is pretty open. We’re definitely not as advanced and accepting about body standards and objectification as some other countries are, so i’d say that is our biggest downfall. We need to be more open about bodies and what is deemed inappropriate even when it’s not.

What do you think about secondhand clothes?
I love it! I’ve bought things second hand, and I frequently donate to women’s shelters and youth groups when I no longer wear an item

Have you ever felt uncomfortable with what you wear?
I have. I think it’s more in the reaction. I don’t dress how I do for attention or negative/positive reenforcement. I dress the way I do because it’s what I feel safe in, and I think a lot of people find it weird or abnormal. I try not to let it bug me, and 90% of the time it doesn’t, but there’s always that one person that gets it out of you.
© EIR / Data Alekseev

Paul Conrad Schneider | www.aperpetualstate.com


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